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Reports & Open Records Documents

Reports on Etowah & Immigrant Detention:

Shut Down Etowah 101 Slideshow

FOIA & Open Records Request Documents:

  • The CRCL “Super-Recommendations Memorandum” on systemic civil rights complaints and failed reforms at Etowah, obtained in Adelante v. DHS FOIA litigation by Shut Down Etowah members and co-counsel Public Citizen Litigation Group (read a summary of the records here)
  • Etowah contract documents, obtained by the Immigration Detention Transparency and Human Rights Project of the National Immigrant Justice Center through the NIJC v. DHS FOIA litigation. Learn more about the project and view other detention center contracts here.
  • Etowah inspections documents obtained by NIJC (scroll down and click on “Etowah County, AL”)
  • More Etowah contract documents obtained by Families for Freedom and the ACLU of Alabama: Part I & Part II. Also, check out Families For Freedom’s Close Etowah page.