About the Campaign

The Shut Down Etowah campaign is made up of individuals and civil, immigrant, and human rights organizations based in Alabama and across the country that are committed to ending the human rights abuses at the Etowah County Detention Center. We believe Etowah is far too broken to be fixed—the only adequate solution is to close it.

Act now to #FreeAbraham

Abraham is an Eritrean refuge being indefinitely detained in Gadsden at Etowah County Jail. He has come to the states for his own safety, but ICE has placed him in danger by keeping him at Etowah. He cannot be deported, but unlike The other Eritreans at Etowah, he still has not been released. Political instability in Eritrea makes deportation impossible, so refusing to release him could lead to Abraham never walking free. This is a violation of his Habeus Corpus rights, and an example of how ICE uses Etowah County Jail to keep people behind bars.
Call and Email the ICE field office at (504)599-7800 and demand that Abraham is immediately released.